Round House Rigging

Stainless steel work from round house.

Rope Bannister

Simple rope banister for very narrow staircase in local house.

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Rope Pillars

We covered four structural pillars in a house in Kingswear with traditional decorative knot-work.

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Farmhouse Flagpole

We were tasked with putting up a decorative flagpole at a local farmhouse. Read More

Oyster 56 Re-Rig

We have recently re-rigged this oyster 56 in Dyform wire after Cutterstay and Babystay broke in Biscay while returning from the Mediterranean

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Roberts 53' Mast Replacement

A customer came to us with a steel boat which was essentially a shell and a former Nicholson 55 mast which had been crudely sawn in half.

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Leather Wheel Cover

A winter rope and leather work project, recovering a wheel on a large cruising yacht.

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Wind Turbine project

We have been working closely with Tradewind Turbines who are developing a lightweight, transportable wind turbine.  The turbine is based on sailing technology and uses our Nemo furling sections, 105 tensioning wires and Dyneema stay wires.

These turbines are currently undergoing extensive testing and have attracted interest from the military for use in overseas operations and humanitarian aid organisations to provide power in disaster relief situations.  In the UK the turbine will provide virtually silent elegant and wildlife friendly source of renewable energy for farmers, rural dwellings and small businesses.
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