We provide a complete tuning service on all types and designs of rigs from daysailers / sportsboats to cruising and grand prix racing yachts.

We have extensive experience gained from over 40 years of racing and cruising on yachts from 6m to 25m and including monohull and multihull designs.

If you are unsure as to weather your rig is tuned dcorrectly at present there are a few simple checks.

  • If you look up the mast track on the aft side of the mast, the mast should be straight athwartships, at this stage fore and aft is not so important.
  • When you are sailing in 12 - 15 kts of wind and beating to windward the leeward rigging will lose quite a bit of its tension but  not be so slack that it wobbles around
  • Generally speaking on a two spreader rig the caps should be the tightest, followed by the lowers then intermediates. If the rig is tuned correctly the headstay should be pretty tight which will aid the boat going to windward.
No two boats are the same and if you are concerned with your tuning come and see us.