Standing and Running Rigging

Standing rigging is available in various materials depending on intended use. 
Industry standard is 1x19 wire for general use,
7x7 stainless or galvanised for more traditional and classic yachts
or compact (dyform) wire and rod rigging for modern high load racing and cruising boats. We utilise hydraulic swaging, taluriting, swageless terminals or hand splicing where appropriate.
We always use chrome coated bronze rig screws, which are very resistant to corrosion, galling and fatigue.

We supply new and replacement running rigging as per specification or upgrading using the newer materials now available to save weight, windage and reduce friction in sheets and halyards.
We splice nearly all types of ropes including polyester, nylon, Dyneema, Vectran and Kevlar in 3 strand or braided constructions.
We make up mooring pennants, dock lines and anchor warps.